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NPAF Mid-week Mash-ups continue

Dec. 2 Marina and the Dreamboats

Northshore Performing Arts Foundation proud to continue its virtual performance series, Mid-week Mash-ups. Following seven incredible performances with great audience response, there's just one more performance left for 2020 - Marina and the Dreamboats on Dec. 2.

For us to continue the series in 2021 we need your help. Please consider making a contribution toward our series and future at

Tune in to the Mid-Week Mash-Up Concerts Wednesdays 7pm

Special Virtual Nutcracker presentation

Following on to our successful mid-week series, on Dec.11 7pm then running at anytime though Dec.13 we will have a virtual Nutcracker. We will be replaying last seasons EBT Nutcracker with a full orchestra.

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