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Kenmore Community Club making preparations to reopen hall to rentals

A QR code to a COVID questionnaire

The Kenmore Community Club board is preparing for the day when Governor Inslee ok’s the opening of meeting halls and other indoor spaces to meetings, weddings, dances and other uses that Kenmore Community Club has served since 1929.

The preparations include reconfiguring the operations to include safety, sanitation processes needed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. There will also be changes to the terms and conditions for use of the hall to ensure safety and public health.

One such proposed change will require all guests entering the hall to complete a quick COVID-19 questionnaire that can be done on a mobile phone or other device. Guests will simply scan a QR code that will take them to a short 5 question form that takes less than a minute to fill out and submit.

The idea is to limit access to the hall to those who don’t pose a COVID-19 risk to themselves or other guests.

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