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Kenmore CC elects new board of directors

The Kenmore Community Club held its annual election of its board of directors at its monthly potluck dinner Nov. 8, 2023.

After a bountiful potluck meal, 14 club members, 13 in person and one online voted for a new slate of directors. With David Evans stepping down from the board, the voting resulted in Nick Freeman and Fernell Miller remaining as president and vice president respectively, Kathi Straw, became treasurer, a post she had previously held for many years, Will French was retained as Secretary. Michael O'Leary moved from trustee-at-large to Regular Trustee, while newcomer Dave Ahlman joined the board as trustee-at-large. Brad Srebnik will continue to serve the second year of his Regular Trustee position.

After the meeting, Vice President Fernell Miller announced that social media marketer Katie Miller, (no relation) would be willing to serve as a communications advisor to the board and was approved as such at the Nov. 29 board meeting.

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