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KCC gets spill kit to keep pollution out of parking lot drains

The City of Kenmore has thousands of storm drains that empty into creeks and other waterways that ultimately end up in Lake Washington. It also contains numerous privately owned and maintained surface water and stormwater systems, which Surface Water Management staff inspect and regulate, including an additional 2,400 catch basins on private property one of which is located in the Kenmore Community Club parking lot.

The KCC is responsible for keeping that drain clear and for preventing contamination from spills. To that end, there is a spill kit located in the front entryway closet in a large plastic bucket that contains absorbent pads, and other devices to be used in the case of chemical or other type of spill that might occur.

Other ways you can Help

  • Check around your house and in the street in front of your home, check to storm drains and take steps to keep them clear by removing leaves and debris. This will help prevent flooding and pooling.

  • Keep gutters and downspouts free of excess leaves.

  • Use sandbags or landscape barriers to help prevent washout into the road.

Contact the City of Kenmore for locations of available sandbags or click here for information.Keep ditch culverts clear, especially if they have a trash rack

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