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Join the fune for the 2019 Bike Everywhere Day, May 17!

Bike Everywhere Month is the time to support, encourage, and celebrate all things bicycling.

The best way to celebrate Bike Everywhere Month is simply to get on a bike: ride to work, ride to the grocery store or just ride for the sheer joy of being outside soaking up the spring weather! For those up to more biking, try the Washington Bikes Bike Everywhere Challenge, an online trip-tracking contest May 1-31.

On Bike Everywhere Day, May 17, 2019, a curbside celebration all throughout the region brought to you by Cascade Bike Club. Events are statewide and vary in activity content through corporate and community events aimed at encouraging people to bike more, or even for the very first time. There will be a station at Log Boom Park, stop by and join the fun.

It's a great day to ride for the first time, because no matter where you're riding from, there'll plenty of others out there with you. Celebration stations and experienced riders along major routes will ensure that encouragement, support, and fun are never in short supply.

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