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How will the Kenmore Community Club survive?

Ideas for fundraisers welcome

At the beginning of the pandemic in February and March, the Kenmore Community Club shut down the rental of its hall in compliance with health regulations. At the time, it was felt the shutdown would last a few months at most and the board felt it had enough in reserves to see the club through.

Now as the shutdown drags on, the club is facing the possibility of running out of that reserve before it will be allowed to reopen. It costs about about $1000 per month to manage bookings and cleaning between rentals. It costs another $1000 per month for fixed costs including insurance, utilities and taxes.

For six months the club continued the salary of Rental Manager Angela La Tourette and the cleaning contract of Carrie Crawford, because of the board greatly appreciates the contributions of both. Angela and Carrie are literally the face of the club for the many who meet with Angela prior to renting the hall and Carrie who opens and closes before their events and keeps the hall clean and inviting to the many groups who need a place to gather.

Consequently, it was with sadness that the board made the painful decision at its August board meeting to reduce Angela to 25 percent time, and suspend the cleaning contract with Carrie. We are hopeful Angela will be able to get unemployment and we ask that if any of you need reliable cleaning services for your business, consider Carrie, contact club President David Evans and he will put in touch with her..

In the meantime, we are appealing to you, the club's members and supporters for your ideas for raising money to keep the club going. All ideas for fundraisers, sales, grant opportunities, or any other way of earning income are welcome! Share your ideas in the comments below or on the Kenmore Club Facebook page, or by email to:

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