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Get Funky and Get Fit

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

You’re invited to FUNK & FIT: A Weekly Dance for Fun & Fitness

Are you ready to add some fun and spontaneity to your exercise routine?  KCC member Tina Bystrom and her friend Janet are launching a weekly Funk & Fit Dance at the Kenmore Community Club for family, friends, and KCC members who would like to move it 'n groove it to funky tunes for fun and fitness.  This is an opportunity to socialize and exercise through individual, free-form dance, with no instructor, no agenda, and no expectations other than fun and fitness for 90 minutes. If this sounds like fun, please join us on any or all Tuesday evenings throughout January and February* (*except Feb 5th, when KCC is unavailable). Stop by for half an hour, or stay for the whole thing. Let's Dance!

Dances are each Tuesday at 6:45 pm at the Kenmore Community Club

Drop in; No registration necessary

Admission is Free (suggested donation $5)

For more information contact Tina at or 206-910-4888

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