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D-Day for Kenmore Business Registration

The Kenmore City Council adopted a significant change to the threshold for registering a business in Kenmore last September.

Effective Dec. 7, 2020, businesses located in Kenmore with a reported annual gross income over $2,000 are required to have a city Business Registration. The $2,000 threshold was changed from $12,000 and adopted by .

Non-profits with a physical location in Kenmore are also required to obtain a Kenmore Business Registration. Kenmore first adopted a Business Registration requirement in 2013.

How To Obtain a City Business Registration

Kenmore businesses that reported an annual gross income of over $2,000 in the previous year will need to apply for a “city endorsement” through the Department of Revenue’s Business Licensing division (DOR-BLS), using the same MyDOR portal

Source: City of Kenmore press release

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