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Club flooring project gets under way

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

November 13 Potluck to be at 9 Yards Brewing due to floor work

After 94 years the floor of the KCC Hall needs to be replaced. Over the years, hundreds of events and thousands of Kenmore Community events have resulted in a lot of wear and tear for the old floor.

Last year, the company that the KCC Board usually hires to refurbish the floor informed the club that it could no longer do more than clean the surface as there was it could no longer do any sanding to remove stains and scratches, the hard maple boards were too thin.

Board member Ron Lackey, who owns Grateful Floors LC confirmed the flooring contractor’s assessment and submitted a bid to replace the flooring at a significant savings to the club. A grant application was submitted to the 4Culture Foundation, which had previously given the club a matching grant for the kitchen renovation.

Because of the historical designation of the club house, the Landmarks Commission stipulated that the original flooring material (hard maple) and pattern of the wood needed to be preserved, which pushed the cost up above the $25,000 mark. The final plan involves a lovely darker border made from red oak, and the interior maple laid around the perimeter, preserving the "log-cabin" detail in the corners.

"The Board approved spending the money to replace the floor at its Sept. 25, 2019 meeting," said Club President David Evans. "Hopefully a grant will be approved that will cover about half the cost, however, even without the grant, the board decided the floor has to be replaced to maintain an attractive rental facility."

Work on the floor is to begin Nov. 4 and is expected to be completed by Nov. 25. As a result the Nov. 13 monthly potluck will be moved to 9 Yards Brewing next door.

We certainly appreciate the caring and flexibility showed by all of our renters who will be disrupted. When you return, your hall will be nothing short of beautiful.

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