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As if Theater Company expands offerings

Following the successful debut of As If Theater company's The Clean House, the company is planning to build a strong theater community in Kenmore with a number of classes, workshops and fun competitions aimed at developing writers, actors and other theater skills.

The first of these is a monologue workshop scheduled for April 15, 7pm - 10pm (donations welcome). Actors, comedians, storytellers and presenters are welcome to work through old monologues, or try out some new ones! Directors will be on hand to offer guidance. Participants will be encouraged to experiment in a positive environment and grow as an artist. This workshop will be offered once a month on Mondays.

Coming July 26-28 will be Kenmore Quickies, a short play festival. This open-to-the-public event will feature 8 local writers assigned to create 10 minute plays from a prompt hidden somewhere deep within the Kenmore Mural Project. Writers, directors, actors who want to get involved can get more info here.

Upcoming events include:

May 6, 7-10pm Kenmore Quickies kick-off (free)

May 13, 7-10pm Hear Me Out: Monologue workshop

May 18, 11-2pm Stage make-up class (tentative)

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