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Youth council to support Kenmore Youth

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Dances, art displays, game nights, performances, all are activities and events young people will be planning, funding and promoting under a newly founded Youth Council.

Carestar and the Jets
Carestar and the Jets performed The Who's "My Generation," at a recent concert/dance at the Kenmore Club

Established by the Kenmore Community Club, the Kenmore Community Youth Council will serve to reach out and connect young people in the greater Kenmore Community, according to Ms. Fernell Miller, who conceived of the idea.

The new KCYC leadership group (once chosen) will meet first Wednesday of each month starting in March. Teens can run for one of 5 council positions at the KCC at 7 pm Feb. 26. Click here for more info, or contact Fernell Miller.

Once the council is established, the councillors will plan and carry out new upcoming events and activities that are for ALL youth (sometimes age specific but mostly all ages). Look for a calendar of events for the Youth Council to be published soon .

Kids gathered at the KCC Hall on Jan. 29 for Game Night, one of many events Youth Council Ombud Fernell Miller has planned.

"Kids need a place in Kenmore to gather, meet and have fun together," Ms. Miller said. "The Youth Council will provide a place and a structure for kids to plan their own events, activities and learn how to fund and promote them."

Ms. Miller has been a coach, teacher and counselor for students in the Northshore Schools for 38 years. She knows how to guide kids, or "herd cats" as she says to develop planning, organizing and producing skills and serves as the Kenmore Community Club ombudsman for the youth council.

"As part of the mission of the Kenmore Club to support the Kenmore Community, there has been a lack of youth-focused activities in Kenmore," David Evans, president of the Kenmore Community Club said. "We hope to provide a place and the guidance for kids to meet and have constructive fun. It also doesn't hurt to develop the next generation of club membership to carry our club into the future."

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