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Striping and landscaping to finish Juanita Drive Safety improvements

A traffic safety feature called a C-curb will be installed at the Juanita Curve at 155th (a depiction of the future C-curb is pictured above). It’s a safety measure to protect northbound (downhill) cyclists coming around the curve and it will prevent southbound vehicles from turning left into and out of that intersection. As shown to the public during the project open houses, NE 155th Street will be right in, right out. Southbound left turns will be directed to the NE 153rd Place traffic signal, where they can be made safely.

Other updates:

  • Striping of the north section of Juanita (155th to 170th/Simonds) is happening in the evenings this week.

  • Striping of the south section (143rd to 153rd) will happen in a few weeks after the new asphalt has the minimum time to cure (weather permitting).

  • That leaves the section between 153rd and 155th. There is still a lot of earth work and wall work needed in this section before the curbs and gutters can be poured. The contractor is trying to get this work done before the end of the year, with the final striping likely to occur in the spring of 2023.

Source: Kenmore eNews, September 2022

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