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Rhododendron Boathouse project nears completion

The new 2,800-sq-ft boathouse is located at the northern end of Rhododendron Park and when COVID-19 restrictions lift, will serve as a year-round base of operations for community rowers. The boathouse will also serve as a home to high school crew teams.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the boathouse will initially serve as storage for community rowing shells, which are currently stored in a fenced off area of Log Boom Park. The building also houses coaching, training, and repair spaces which will open to the public once it’s safe to do so. A future goal is for the boathouse to host learn-to-row and summer camp programs for the community.

Funding for the boathouse primarily comes from county, state, and school district sources as well as fundraising efforts. The City’s vision is for the boathouse to complement the state-op- erated boat launch on the western side of the 68th Ave bridge and to ensure access to water activities for all community members, regardless of income. Scholarships and/or discount- ed memberships will be provided to low income youth.

Community members interested in using the Rhododendron Boathouse are encouraged to contact the Kenmore Rowing Club at

Source: Kenmore Quarterly Winter 2021

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