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NSD hit by cyber attack

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

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On Friday, September 20, District servers were hit with a significant cyberattack that rendered many systems non-operational. Examples include student data and business systems as well as some phone and voicemail services. We are working with law enforcement and industry experts to remedy the situation as quickly as possible but anticipate that outages will be for several days.

ParentVue and StudentVue are not currently accessible, but we continue to work on restoring that service.We ask families for patience as staff will be using paper-based systems for some regular tasks including, but not limited to meal payment and taking attendance.We do not expect an impact on transportation at this time. However, families needing to contact transportation for any reason must use this phone number (425) 408-7901 or by emailing

Phone and voicemail services have been restored. All email addresses are fully functional.

The district says there is no evidence at this time that any student, family or staff data has been compromised.

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