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Northshore Performing Arts wants your input to plan its future

Arts group asks community fill out surveys by March 25

"2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Northshore Performing Arts Foundation in Bothell," says John Lehrack, NPAF Managing Director. "As we celebrate this important milestone we are also looking ahead at the next 25 years."

Lehrack notes that the Northshore community has changed significantly since 1996 and Covid has changed it even more. To help plan for the future, NPAF is seeking input from the community and have prepared a series of surveys for audience members, businesses, schools, donors and local partners.

Community input is vital to help not only plan for the next 25 years but also ensure that NPAF is meeting the community's needs to the best of its ability.

"We want to know what you would like to see and experience through the performing arts in the Northshore community and how you may even like to be involved," Lehrack says. " What type of performances engage you? What's missing in the community? What's worth supporting?

If you are a potential audience member, this survey is for you. You can give your input on everything from show selection to cost of tickets, virtual performances, workshops, community events and more.

If you are an arts-supportive business owner, this special survey is just for you. Maybe you've always wanted to sponsor the arts or have your business recognized. Take this survey and let's work together.

You are certainly welcome to take both surveys if they fit although we're hoping to have them completed by March 15. Your input is vital to not only helping to plan our future but to ensuring that we serve the community in the best way possible. Neither one takes long to complete and we greatly appreciate your input. Stay healthy!

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