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Northshore District launches network modernizations

As part of a multi-year project the Northshore School District began modernizing its computer network at a number of schools including Canyon Park, Kenmore, Leota, Northshore, Skyview, and Timbercrest.

The majority of Northshore schools had networks installed in the early 1990s with cable that cannot support current network needs. The upgrades being made this summer will increase the network speeds, expand wireless coverage areas, and improve reliability for students and staff.

This modernization project is made possible by the support of our Northshore community who voted to approve the 2018 bond. Below is a list of modernizations scheduled for this summer:

  • Upgrade all classrooms spaces at Inglemoor High School with Cat6a cable in the ceiling that will support the new 5 Gbps standard for wireless access points.

  • Install new network connections and upgrade existing ones in all large spaces at Inglemoor High School that were not previously well covered with wireless. This includes the gym, commons/cafeteria, library, theater, music rooms, weight/exercise rooms, special program locations, and the planetarium.

  • Install new network connections and upgrade existing ones in all larger spaces that were previously not well covered in all six middle schools

  • Install new network connections for the gym and commons areas at Secondary Academy for Success.

  • Install additional wireless network coverage in warehouse areas, especially those used by Technology for equipment imaging and setup.

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