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Kenmore Waterfront Activities in Full Swing!

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Have you heard about the Kenmore Waterfront Activities Center (KWAC)? KWAC is a non-profit organization who partners with the City of Kenmore to provide recreational waterfront programming and instruction.

Operating out of Squire’s Landing Park at 7353 NE 175th St, several KWAC clubs offer basic classes, as well as advanced skills for dragon boat, canoe and kayak, outrigger canoe, rowing and stand up paddle boarding. Each program has its own fee structure and all ongoing program participants pay an annual $20 membership fee to KWAC.  This time of year is great for starting a class or joining a group! Sign up at

Youth Scholarships Available

KWAC provides need-based youth hand-powered paddling/rowing scholarships so more youth can paddle/row on the water as part of a team or group. Scholarship funds are awarded based on need AND the participant's ability to meet attendance and participation expectations. Scholarship application can be found on the KWAC website.

Save the Date - Waterfront Activities Fair will be May 11th

For questions or to sign up for classes, check out or email KWAC at

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