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Kenmore Council Re-elects Mayor Baker and Deputy Mayor Herbig

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

From left: Kenmore Councilmember Corina Pfeil, Kenmore Councilmember Melanie O’Cain, King County Councilmember Rod Dembowski, Kenmore Councilmember Milton Curtis, Kenmore Mayor David Baker

Two Returning and Two New Council members Sworn In

Kenmore, WA – At its January 13th, 2020 meeting, the Kenmore City Council re-elected David Baker as Mayor and Nigel Herbig as Deputy Mayor.

Four councilmembers were sworn into service, including two new councilmembers.  Councilmembers David Baker and Milton Curtis both ran for re-election and were sworn in for their 5th and 4th terms, respectively. Councilmembers Melanie O’Cain and Corina Pfeil were sworn into their first terms. 

New Councilmember Melanie O’Cain holds a BA from the University of Washington. She has worked for the Port of Seattle for 19 years and is currently an Accounting Records and Administration Manager.  She grew up in Kenmore and returned to raise her children in her hometown.

Councilmember Corina Pfeil, also new to the Kenmore City Council, is a Behavioral & Social Health Services Undergrad and Pre-Public Health at Lake Washington Institute of Technology. She has nearly 18 years prior service in the dental/medical field providing patient quality coordinated care and team management. Councilmember Pfeil has lived in Kenmore for over 30 years and raised her family in the community.

Councilmembers Brent Smith and Stacey Denuski chose not to run for re-election and ended their terms after many years of leadership and service to the Kenmore community. The Kenmore City Council is responsible for establishing city policies, enacting and amending city laws, adopting the biennial budget, and setting the overall direction and vision for the City of Kenmore. City councilmembers serve staggered four-year terms, and the council selects one of its members to serve as mayor and a second as deputy mayor for two-year terms.

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Source: City of Kenmore press release

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