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Volunteer work party for spring cleanup and touch up

Community Club cleanup
Club members Derin Muhittinoglu and Kathi Straw took part in cleanup in 2017

The Kenmore Community Club is asking for members to volunteer for a couple of hours on June 9 from 11am to 1pm to help with a few cleanup and fix up tasks at the club’s rental hall.

The limited task list includes:

  • Cleaning out the attic,

  • Clean out the storage closet, and

  • Touch up some paint on the walls.

The club’s hall serves hundreds of groups throughout the area each year involving thousands of people. Consequently, a certain amount of wear and tear takes a toll, and a little bit of TLC goes a long way to keeping it a place people continue to want to gather.

All club members are encouraged to join in the fun. There will be pizza and pop for those who participate.

Part of the Kenmore Community Club’s mission is to promote volunteer opportunities in Kenmore to help engage Kenmore residents in their city as a way to build a strong community. In a 'volunteering begins at home' spirit, the club itself could use some help to keep the rental all looking nice and inviting for a wide array of community groups who use the hall for their meetings, weddings, church services and parties.

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