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Enjoy a Quickie (play that is) this weekend, July 26-28

Who can resist a Quickie?

As If Theatre Company presents The Kenmore Quickies, our first annual festival of short plays.

Date: July 26, 27 7pm and July 28 at 5pm

Where: Kenmore Community Club (7304 NE 175th ST, Kenmore WA)

Tickets: $20

Watch what happens when 8 local writers are tasked with creating a 10 minute play from a prompt hidden somewhere deep within the Kenmore Mural Project*! Experience the excitement as 8 directors and 11 actors take those same writer’s words and bring them to life!

Funny, heartfelt, dramatic, scary, goofy…who knows? That’s the brilliance of it! You won’t know what to expect because WE don’t know what to expect. All of the 8 pieces will be presented every performance so you’re free to purchase tickets for either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Plus, you get to vote for your favorite! And at the end of the final performance on Sunday the winner of the The Audience Favorite Award will be announced. This event is sure to delight because it’s challenging, it’s 100% local, and it’s incredibly fun!

*The Kenmore Mural Project (KMP) was created by Gaul Culley and Staci Adman in association with St. Vincent de Paul. It can be found at 7304 Bothell Way NE on the side of their building. Each playwright will be randomly assigned a portion of the mural as their specific prompt. So go check it out!

The playwrights chosen for The Kenmore Quickies are… (drumroll) …John C. Davenport, Caitlin Gilman, Marcus Gorman, Betsy Hanson, Christopher Kidder-Mostrom, Catherine Rush, Julieta Vitullo and Carolynne Wilcox!

REMEMBER! Summer is shorts weather.

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