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Concrete work completed on Log Boom park, boardwalk work begun at ƛ̕ax̌ʷadis

All flatwork concrete has been completed at Log Boom Park! Following the end of concrete driver's strike concrete began flowing at several Kenmore projects, including the new beach at Log Boom park. As of April 9, plans are to begin painting the boat rental building, install wetland buffer protection fencing, and install the irrigation controller and test the system. An updated schedule will follow completion of concrete work.

Roadway work has begun at ƛ̕ax̌ʷadis (formerly Squires Landing)

Pin piles (left) have been installed for what will become a boardwalk in the park.

At ƛ̕ax̌ʷadis, the contractor is installing pilings that will support the boardwalk, grading the site for hardscape surfaces, and installing stormwater and irrigation infrastructure. Work in the right of way for water and power connections began and will continue for the next few weeks. Traffic control on NE 175th across the street from the Kenmore Community Club will include one lane closure with flaggers present on either side to direct traffic.

Source: Kenmore City eNews

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