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Club's wood beams restored to original beauty

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Thanks to the hard work of a small cadre of board members led by President David Evans, the beams have been restored to their natural beauty.

Finally done!

The back-breaking job of stripping the white paint off the historic Kenmore Community Club’s interior beams has been completed.

The project doggedly led by Club President David Evans began in August. What originally was thought to take a few days ended up taking months of painstaking stripping and sanding, much of it done bending backwards on scaffolding.

Inch-by-inch, David and daughter Avery, a small cadre of dedicated club members including Jay Greening, Omur, Kristan, Derin and Deniz Muhittinoglu, Kathi and Ed Straw, and Ron Lackey slowly revealed the original wood and restored the beams to their natural beauty.

The work was completed just in time before installation of the new wood floors, which will take place in November (see related post).

The major restoration of the 1929 hall began a couple of years ago with a new roof and siding, renovation of the kitchen and entryway and interior painting and lighting that is expected to make the old grange hall even more attractive as a space a wide variety of community groups use to make memories.

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