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Are you passionate about schools? Citizens group is recruiting volunteers

The Citizen Committee of Northshore that works to support bond and levy issues on the ballot next year in February 2022 is recruiting people who want to make difference in Northshore schools.

The committee is recruiting people who are interested in taking on leadership roles between now and next Fall, when the campaign to support the ballot issues begins.

Below is a list of leadership of positions the campaign organizers are looking for.

If you are interested, contact Carmin Daiziel, Executive Director for the Northshore Schools Foundation. Phone: 425 408 7680.

Positions are available for the following committee:


  • Community Engagement

  • Voter Contact

  • NSD Works

  • Communications

  • Fundraising

  • Signs

  • Audits

  • North Reps

  • East Reps

  • South Rep

  • West Reps

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