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4Culture awards KCC for lighting project

The Kenmore Community Club has been awarded $2,783 through the 2019 Cultural Equipment program of the 4Culture Foundation for the KCC stage lighting project.

President David Evans, who wrote the grant application, said the Club is fortunate to have been given this latest grant. Kenmore Community Club will add $2000 to the award to install spotlights and color-wash lights controlled through a wireless console. 

"The Cultural Equipment program of 4Culture is a wonderful means by which King County enriches the artistic and cultural lives of all of us." David said. "This award will enable performers at KCC to light up our landmark stage and control the brightness and color during their shows. We're excited to watch how musicians, stage actors, and heritage celebrations dazzle us going forward."

In awarding the grant, Brian Carter, executive director of the foundation wrote, "Your award is the result of a highly competitive process. An expert peer panel reviewed 114 applications with a total request amount of nearly $786,368. They made funding recommendations based on the evaluation criteria outlined in the Cultural Equipment program guidelines, and awarded a total of $280,396 to 49 projects. Congratulations on being part of this successful group!"

The lighting project is part of the Club's long-term efforts to upgrade and enhance the community hall that has served the Kenmore Community since 1925. Past projects include re-roofing and exterior painting and kitchen renovation. Many thanks to Board member Nick Freeman who researched lighting vendor and remote console options. 

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