Our Mission

The Kenmore Community Club predates schools, libraries, and even governments in our area. A group of citizens who understood the deep fulfillment of connecting face-to-face began meeting in 1925 as a supper club. As you can read in the book Kenmore by The Lake, the group next issued a bond and built the Club. 

We exist today for the same reasons they did then. To form ties with our neighbors. To promote local businesses and eat local food. To hear local speakers. To admire local talent. And most importantly, to make memories with each other and give shape to time. 

You may suspect, as we do, that it is nuts to promote face-to-face encounters in the age of digitized social interaction. But if you feel, as we do, that getting together is more important and fulfilling now than ever, then I'm sure we'll see you at an event very soon. Our club is booked nearly every day of the week, so take heart in knowing you are not alone.

Current Board of Directors

Officers and Trustees are elected each year in November, with new officers beginning their terms in January. Meetings are the 4th Wednesday each month. Write to kcc@chin-evans.com to get on the agenda. 

  • President - David Evans (6th year)

  • Vice President - Omur Muhittinoglu (5th year)

  • Treasurer - Kathi Straw (11th year)

  • Secretary - Michael O'Leary (3rd year)

  • Trustee 1 - Bharati Khandekar (4th year)

  • Trustee 2 - Nick Freeman (2nd year)

  • Trustee 3 - Ron Lackey (2nd year)

  • Trustee at Large - Fernell Miller (1st year)

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