Our Mission

The purpose of the Kenmore Community Club is to promote, or assist in promoting, social or civic enterprises in our community and to encourage and foster a home trade movement to strengthen the business and social relationships of the members, and to promote the growth and development of our community.

The club does not sponsor political candidates, initiatives, referendums or propositions that are to appear on a public ballot. The club is open, however, as a place for all candidates, or sponsors of ballot issues to present their views and advocate for their positions for the benefit of the community as a whole. Members of the club do not act on behalf of or in the name of the club without approval of the Executive Board.

The Purpose

The Kenmore Community Club members sponsor and engage in the social and civic events of the Kenmore Community to provide members with a place for Fun, Friendships and Community. It is a place where members of the Kenmore Community can connect with others in the community.

Our History

Kenmore Community Club was first organized in 1925 to work on the needs of the fledgling community of about 150 people. The first-year goal was to improve fire protection, as the Inglewood Golf and Country Club had burned down two years before, and had just reopened. Other early year goals were to widen the highway, get better phone service, and establish a polling precinct.

Current Board of Directors

The Kenmore Community Club is an all-volunteer organization managed by a seven- member Board of Directors elected each year in November, with new officers beginning their terms in January. Serving on the board is a great way to get involved in the club and the community.

Below is the slate of current board candidates.

  • President - David Evans (5th year)

  • Vice President - Omur Muhittinoglu (4th year)

  • Treasurer - Kathi Straw (10th year)

  • Secretary - Michael O'Leary (2nd year)

  • Trustee 1 - Jay Greening (3rd year)

  • Trustee 2 - Bharati Khandekar (2nd year)

  • Trustee 3 - Ron Lackey (1st year)

  • Trustee at Large - Nick Freeman (1st year)

If you are interested in serving, contact David Evans before the November elections and mention which position you would prefer.

Subpage Governance
PDFs of Club Constitution and Bylaws

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